Here at Woo Class we design and produce hand made eyewear with a special attention to product uniqueness and quality.
Through fashion and design, we explore and mix the fascination of history with modern functionality.
Woo Class eyewear stands out through attractive design and is extremely comfortable to wear. We also personalise our products to customer specific needs.
For those who acknowledge the difference between sartorial elegance and mass production.

For those who greet an “artisanal product hand made in Italy” as an added value.

  • Through the use of CNC instruments we are able to create a product with a tridimensional and defined design that allows us to shape wood in a unique way.

  • Our shapes are made of at least 11 thin layers of natural wood and are bent using only the traditional “steam bending” method.

  • We respect nature as it offers us this fantastic material: wood. Wood is the most ancient building material offering lightness, resistance and it is a renewable resource.

  • Woo Class sunglasses are exclusively realised using selected natural wood soaked in a special mix of vegetable oils that are 98% biodegradable.