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We are team of people that work together sharing the same vision:
to build in a natural way transforming our projects in new goals to reach,
nurture our genuine passion for work through the study of new and shared ideas,
mantain our artisanal skills along with our creativity.

We solely produce our eyewear in Tuscany where solid tradition and modern technology are bound into a product crafted by expert and knowledgeable hands.

wooclass eyewear scarperia artigianal production

Our first wooden glass was first made in 2004 after a random input given to us by an optician friend from Florence. Can we create a piece of eyewear for our daughter? Everything started since but it was possible only after a deep analysis of the eyewear market and thanks to our goal of using just natural materials good to our health.

wooclass eyewear scarperia artigianal production

Since 2004 there is a meaning in what we do. Core of our investigation is the human being and his necessity of an instrument that could help him to see. Following this concept we have stopped considering eyewear as a mere help to our sight. We have instead started a journey towards a new conception of a product that combines style and comfort.

wooclass eyewear scarperia artigianal production

Woo Class’ eyewear are made exlusively with selected natural woods soaked in a special mix of 98% biodegradable vegetable oils. Our frames are formaldehyde free and are made in respect of the Euro 71/3 standard (safety for children toys). Whilst building our glasses we focus on respect for the renewable resources and to the responsible use of natural raw materials.

Our mission is to carry on focusing on comfort and delight of our eyewear,
without compromising with our armonic shapes, design and sustainability.
Our capacity to combine “tradition and innovation” represents the core of our business and philosophy.
We explore history in order to come out with a brand new vision that summarises itself into our collections exclusively made with natural wood.
Contemporary technology, strong attitude to creative experimentation and deep study of ergonomic and functionality merge with a timeless material:

These are the characteristic of a Woo Class product.